October 7th, 2015

On Tuesday night we were delighted to celebrate Customer Experience (CX) Day with people who share our passion for fantastic customer experiences!

CX Day is a global celebration of companies and professionals that create great experiences for their customers. We invited CX professionals, UX designers, people from big companies, small start ups and those who had an interest in CX to come together, have a drink and share their thoughts on how we can create better customer experiences together.

In the spirit of CX Day, we asked people to tell us about their best customer experiences. Some of the stories that were shared on the night included:

“I lost my phone and went into the store to re-order a replacement through their insurance. Whilst on the phone they set me up with a sim and loan phone until my new one arrived”.

We also were told about excellent service from airline carriers, such as extra pillows and ice packs to ease the pain of an injured knee to airline staff upgrading customers to save them money on their extra baggage.

We discussed the impact CX design has for a brand and the importance of CX being embraced by all members of an organisation, not just executives or customer facing staff. It was great having such a wide range of attendees getting involved on the night to share their ideas and experience.

We had a lot of fun hosting everyone in our Sydney office and we would like to thank everyone who came along to join in our celebrations!