October 15th, 2015

“If we don’t do it, we’ll die”.

Darwinian Theory tells us that if we don’t adapt, we will become extinct.

Gerard Corcoran, CEO of HASSELL Studio, visited CEC to convey his experience in Design and Innovation. The crux of his message was twofold.

Gerard outlined the importance of not just designing beautiful things or unlocking the potential of space but also the power of collaborating with many different minds, not just architectural designers. He then went on to describe how HASSELL has grown into a leading international design practice on the back of bravery, by continually combating the danger of irrelevance.

Illustrating the first point, the consultants HASSELL has to work on these projects come from a variety of backgrounds and provide unique perspectives, not just your standard square-footage architecture views, but insights into how to deliver long-term value to the client. HASSELL draws the best of the best globally to work on unlocking this potential.

Secondly, challenges often arise when clients (and design firms that service them) don’t comprehend their own potential. Everyone wants to be the next Tesla, but few are brave enough to push the boundaries to get there.

So, how do you get people, both your staff and clients, to be brave enough to value design? The value of design can be a hard concept to grasp when those fearful of change cloud the process. Addressing this is how HASSELL has made themselves distinct and earned a global reputation for being truly creative. HASSELL helps clients believe that efficiency can also be beautiful. Creative and economically rewarding design is at the core of their unique selling point and allows them to turn spaces into efficient, but rewarding works of art.

HASSELL also knows how to engage and empathise with clients to challenge their thinking. If a company isn’t willing to adapt to the change, the danger is they will blend into the background of their industry.

What is the future of your company? Are you camouflaged or is your company brave enough to accept the “essence of change?” If you want to survive, accept the change.

CEC would like to thank Gerard Corcoran and everyone who attended this event. If you would like to check out some of HASSELL’s newest collaborations.