So, you’ve decided to listen to the voice of your customer

Now that you’ve recognised the need to prioritise the Voice of the Customer in improving your customer experience management strategy, the next step is to make sure you’re paying attention to the right channels. In the past customer feedback has traditionally come through surveys, but this methodology was superseded long ago as social media has established itself as a more efficient way to close the feedback loop. The bleeding edge of Voice of the Customer systems is already at a place where we can constantly modify customer experience without requiring express feedback, but before joining the frontier you need to catch up to the present.

Social media is the voice of the customer

Businesses can now access rich demographic information via social media that helps shape the customer’s experience, through consideration of their expectations and context. Insights are now available that may have been difficult for customers to articulate through traditional feedback methods, and opportunities exist to identify valuable brand ambassadors and reward them for promotion. Also, be aware that businesses are expected to transparently manage any concerns raised via these channels to closure, and customers will publicly hold you to account if you skip this responsibility.

Cut through the chaos

The stream of conversation on social media is never-ending and participation can be like drinking from a fire hose unless you have some sort of technology in place to monitor customer sentiment and prioritise pain points. Once you do this, you’ll be able to analyse key behavioural and conversational trends that offer insight into the true needs of your customers and ensure that your business is offering an experience that is shaped by these demands.

Give social a go

The Voice of the Customer has never been so empowered, pervasive and expectant as it is today. Forget the surveys and focus groups; base your customer experience management efforts on feedback from social media channels and watch what happens.