The reshaping of celebrity to influencer

Accept it. No one reads magazines or watches TV for hours on end anymore.

We live in the age of social media, where celebrities don’t happen to become famous from daytime soaps, but instead are those that have commanded the voracious attention of millions of followers on Snapchat, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter.

Do you remember that basement nerd you thought who needed ‘to get a life’? Well, his name is PewDiePie and thousands like him are influencing our next generation — and they are here to stay.

Influencers bring unparalleled value over traditional marketing

Social media influencers are valuable because they operate as extremely powerful brand advocates to their legions of dedicated followers.

Brands are quickly realising that influencers bring greater credibility and receptivity to their target markets. Influencers also fast-track authenticity because people trust other people and provide valuable insight into the behaviours and preferences of their audience that can only be earned through constant, dedicated interaction.
However, with so many dinosaur companies still stuck paying for newspaper ads and TV commercials, you want to be exploiting the highly undervalued and excellent ROI of influencer marketing. Are you one of them?

Exploit maximum ROI with the right influencer strategy

  1. Partner with influencers who have a high level of engagement (depth), not just those with superficially high follower counts (breadth).
  2. Evaluate your chosen influencer’s audience to make sure your efforts are properly targeted.
    Leave creative direction up to your chosen influencer. Make your objectives known, but beware of damaging everyone’s credibility.
  3. Seek out influencers whose ethos is aligned with your company’s story, the chances of running into any tension here will be diminished.
  4. Constantly assess and adapt your influencer marketing as the priorities of your customers, and therefore your business, evolve.

Do you have any tips in maximising your influencer strategy? Let us know by in the comments.