“A watched pot never boils” Is your wait time certain?

Humans are great at imagining and complaining about things. We recall in vague terms the amount of time we’ve been waiting, (research suggests on average we overestimate waits by 23%). If you do not set expectations or provide clarity about the wait time your customers will think it is longer than it actually is. Virtual queuing systems like the one at Service NSW are a fantastic way of providing certainty about where they are in the queue.

And we’re only at the beginning of David Maister’s 8 Factors.

Turn hate to love: use design to reframe problems

It’s with Design Thinking that we can avoid the problem of thinking we need faster horses and faster lifts. By better understanding why our customers may be frustrated with their waiting experiences through psychology, we can implement innovative ways that change the way customers think of us for the better.

Whether it be through the use of mirrors, creating a single line to avoid jumping, or simply installing a clock – we can make the experience better for the billions of people who are universally faced with this problem every day.

Don’t be ignorant: exploit psychology to win

Just ask yourself a simple question Are you breaking any of the 8 Factors of Waiting? Don’t risk falling behind your competitors because of a poor waiting experience. These are the essentials of any good service design and are imperative to delivering a great customer experience.