Australian NPS Pulse Check

How does your organisation stack up in 2017?

Last year we developed the NPS Pulse Check report to equip more Australian organisations with easily accessible and accurate NPS benchmark data. Whilst companies typically rely on costly market research studies to find out these answers, we set out to make NPS comparisons easier and more meaningful.

Thanks to the support and participation of 50 Australian organisations, we released our free and reliable NPS benchmarking tool as part of the very first NPS Pulse Check. You can download the report here

This year we want to go bigger and better with our second Australian NPS Pulse Check and are seeking input from more organisations to further develop the accuracy and breadth of the benchmark. Supported by our friends at Qualtrics, the idea remains simple – tell us your brand NPS, we’ll anonymise the data and create a benchmark for everyone to use. The collated data will feed into the 2017 Pulse Check report and include sector-specific benchmarks and relevant insights.

To participate:

  • Fill in the short Qualtrics form to contribute your organisation’s NPS (or forward onto the person best-placed to!)
  • Once all answers are analysed and combined, you’ll receive the 2017 NPS Pulse Check report – a valuable resource in understanding where your organisation sits within the wider NPS landscape in Australia.

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