Can customer experience save lives?

In the current age of customer experience, is quality healthcare enough?

Over the last two weeks in Sydney and Melbourne we had three healthcare leaders come together and speak at a breakfast event to discuss their viewpoints and how their organisations are responding to a rapidly changing marketplace.

Aimee Defries from RSL Care + RDNS, Rhys Kennedy from CPL and Tommy Holt from Primary Health Care spoke on their experience from their respective industries in aged care, disabilities and health. Here are the top takeaways from what they had to share.

1. Understand your customers

To design an experience that can effectively influence behaviour, you need to understand the customers who access your services – understand them as people, not as patients. “It takes a lot of courage for an organisation to truly walk a mile in the customer’s shoes”- Aimee.

2. Empowering your customer

The health care industry is shifting to give power back to the individual, and it’s becoming increasingly important for organisations to embrace this and empower their customers. For Rhys at CPL, their organisation is shifting to be run and operated by people with disabilities, so that they are supporting other people with disabilities.

3. It starts with staff

To provide an exceptional experience for customers, it needs to start with your staff. Rhys discussed the need to find a way for their employees to be empowered so they can “deliver exceptional services and exceptional experiences” to their customers.

4. The end-to-end journey

Tommy Holt talked about the importance of an end-to-end coherent journey. Simply having services within an organisation is not enough – customers want connected services and smooth transitions.

5. It ends with measurement

The healthcare marketplace is changing in terms of customer sentiment. With the rise of Uber and others like them, customers are more in charge of the services they use. Tommy highlighted the ‘threat’ that this presents to healthcare and the psychological and practical consequences for practitioners – however for consumers, it’s the norm.

No longer is it just about a top-class service, but the end-to-end experience measured and judged by the hands of your customers.

We would like to thank everyone who attended these events and a big thank you to our speakers who make these events such a success. The Customer Experience Company has made a contribution to each speaker's charity of choice.

Aimee Defries Streat
Rhys Kennedy CPL
Tommy Holt The Fred Hollows Foundation

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