Harness the power of reputation

Compliance is “the action or fact of complying with a wish or command” and is an inherently reactive process. Corporate landscapes are changing, and the need to properly listen to the voice of your customer is more important than ever. Intrinsically motivating your employees is the most effective way of ensuring business practice and organisational principles align.

What better way to achieve this than through harnessing the power of reputation?

You can’t solve a new problem through an old lens

We are often asked to design solutions that allow organisations to “listen to the voice of the customer”. Unfortunately, sometimes what is being asked is, “Can you help us police our company?”

Compliance models that intend to control a customer’s experience are based on assumptions – which are often invalid.

Listening to customer sentiment in order to map the complex texture of your organisation will drive competitive advantage. Rather than clumsy audits, you will hear subtle messages and can adjust to them accordingly.

Customers value input.

Providing appropriate channels for feedback is essential. Customers love giving feedback as long as it is easy for them to do so. With surveys saturating market research, more imaginative ways to gather sentiment are needed to close feedback gaps in your customer’s journey.

Don’t be afraid of real-time feedback

To properly utilise reputation as the tool to drive customer-centric culture, real-time access to feedback is essential. Both Uber and AirBnB have adopted this methodology to connect those delivering their service to those enjoying it, and look at the results they’ve achieved.

Uber uses the reputation of each driver to deliver an unparalleled customer experience. Their ability to collect and convey real-time feedback from every passenger allows Uber to manage their entire driver network with clarity and confidence – without relying on audits or inspections.

In summary, truly customer-centric organisations have evolved their army of organisational ambassadors (employees) to each adopt a personal brand that aligns with the company’s ethos.