Working at CEC

Working at CEC means each day is different. At 8.30am you might be part of an international webinar on CX design. By 9.30am you might be part of a team white boarding solutions for a complex client problem. After lunch, you could be running a workshop with customers to test a new service design. However your calendar looks, you’ll be transforming the lives of people on an everyday basis.

We are diverse. Our team comes from multiple backgrounds and disciplines. We have worked in management consulting, design, banking, telecommunications, wealth management, government, digital, contact centres, software, technology, industrials, retail, not-for-profits and finance. We come from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Malaysia, Indonesia, India and Barbados. Our diversity is our strength.

Team - bubble soccer

Team - cooking at Homeless Hub

Team - offsite event

Team - shirt club

Team - Games night

You can be part of our team if you:

Have the aptitude to resolve complex and ambiguous problems.

Are creative and innovative.

Respect others points of view and are prepared to hold your own.

Are ethical and professional.

Are unpretentious yet bold.

Are socially responsible.

Are willing to listen.

Are willing to learn.

Are collaborative.

Our purpose

Creating better futures for people and organisations

Our values


We are clever, sophisticated, deep thinking, interested and intelligent – not only in the ‘book smart’ way, we’re also street-smart and savvy. We’re professional in the way we work and present, and we’re experts in our individual fields.


We are sincere and authentic, truthful and trustworthy. We have the strength to challenge. We have the openness, honesty and integrity to tell it how it is.


We are open and understanding, accommodating and collaborative. We are supportive, encouraging and easy to work with. We listen to the opinions of others and have the ability to see things from their point of view. We genuinely care.


We are passionate, proactive, hard working, driven, engaged and committed. We are adventurous and adaptable, helpful and responsive. We’re friendly, enthusiastic, outgoing, vibrant and dynamic. And we like to have fun.

We are Actors, Singers, Dancers, Musicians, Coaches, Skiers, Triathletes, Adventurers, Scout Leaders, Personal Trainers, Cyclists, Artists, Surfers, Marathon Runners, Volunteers, Photographers and Foodies.

Our approach is unique because we offer this diversity of skills and expertise; and a blend of design thinking fused together with structured management consulting skills. It means we achieve the best outcomes for our clients and for their customers.

We are always looking for great people

We are always looking for the right people to contribute to the story of CEC. Whether you are a graduate or industry veteran, why not get in touch.