The 2016 Australian NPS Pulse Check

Our clients often enquire about how their NPS compares to others in their industry. There has not been a readily available benchmarking tool in Australia to help answer this question, so we set out to build one.

During Q4 in 2016, we approached over 300 companies listed on the ASX to find out their current NPS. The idea is simple – tell us your company/brand NPS and we’ll anonymise it and create a benchmark for everyone, free to receive and use.

To view our findings, you can download a PDF copy of the 2016 NPS Pulse Check report here.  

CEC NPS Pulse Check

NPS insights

  • Smaller enterprises are still doing better than the large incumbents. Even though the large banks and telcos have invested huge efforts in customer experience over many years, they still have a bigger ship to steer, and can also be affected by the relative halo effect which the smaller, hungrier and sometimes local regional players enjoy.
  • There’s a distinct separation between NPS leaders and the following pack, at around +45. Anyone above that is in a small group of leaders in the Australian market.
  • Our research nearly had enough data to add a line for 'Utilities'. Initial results for those respondents show the utilities have some way to go and currently lag other industries. If you work for a utility and can provide us your NPS, please add to this benchmarking data via the links below.
  • Our research also nearly had enough data for us to add a line for what we call ‘Retail and Malls’, which includes high street retailers, fast food chains, entertainment & cinemas. This group has some strong initial results – help us build the social benchmark in your industry.

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The 2017 NPS Pulse Check is live!

To further develop the accuracy and breadth of the benchmark, we’d love more organisations to get involved as part of our second NPS Pulse Check.

To participate:

  • Fill in the short Qualtrics form to contribute your organisation’s NPS (or forward onto the person best-placed to!)
  • Once all answers are analysed and combined, you’ll receive the 2017 NPS Pulse Check report – a valuable resource in understanding where your organisation sits within the wider NPS landscape in Australia.

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