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Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a widely used tool by organisations to track customer loyalty and improve business results.

But how do you know if your NPS is competitive in the market, since so few companies reveal it?

This was a question we set out to answer. During Q4 in 2016, we approached over 300 companies listed on the ASX to find out their current NPS.

The idea is simple – tell us your company/brand NPS and we’ll anonymise it and create a benchmark report for everyone, free to contribute and receive.

How to obtain the NPS Pulse Check report

Simply complete the form below, click ‘submit’, and you’ll be taken directly to the report where you’ll find the results of the current survey – the overall NPS results for all sectors, insights, and NPS profiles for key industries in Australia.

We'd love you to participate!

To further develop the accuracy and breadth of the benchmark, providing everyone with a better benchmarking tool to use, we'd love more organisations to get involved.

To participate:

  • Contact us to contribute your organisation’s NPS.
  • We’ll be in contact to ask a few questions, and ensure your score is valid and comparable to others.
  • You’ll receive the benchmark report, showing the overall NPS results for all sectors, and also NPS profiles for key industries in Australia.

It's easy, free to participate, confidential, and is a valuable resource to help understand where your organisation sits within the NPS landscape in Australia.

Interested to find out more about improving your NPS?

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We'd love to hear more about your organisation, and we can offer a range of solutions to help.

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