The CX Movement

By Alistair Clemett

A quick trip down memory lane: It’s 1980, and I’m a freshly minted college graduate entering the workforce during a period of 7.5% unemployment, 13.5% inflation, and interest rates hovering around 20%. With unbridled enthusiasm, I head out with my new marketing degree and brand new résumé in search of a position in the advertising … Read More

Save the emperor

Save the emperor

By Jake Blecher

You need good information to make good decisions, but bosses routinely create environments where employees don’t accurately report the bad with the good. Information reported upwards often forms the basis of important decisions, so this won’t do. You need to be sure that those you listen to are sharing the full story, but you must … Read More

We pledge for parity #IWD


This year, in accordance with International Women’s Day, CEC is making a #pledgeforparity to continue our efforts to support gender equality. At CEC, we have a proactive approach to gender equality for team members, such as: superannuation benefits throughout maternity/paternity leave and a salary review to ensure each level is paid based upon skills, regardless … Read More