Developed at an unprecedented speed and scale, the Service NSW “One Stop Shop” is a world-leader in government services.

Case Study - Service NSW

Service NSW has been designed to be the single service delivery provider for the New South Wales state government. It has been omni-channel from day one, and on completion of the project roll out in 2017, customers of Service NSW will be able to access all of their government services via one web site, one phone number and a retail network supporting all services.

Prior to Service NSW, the future of service remained focussed on individual departments, and not on the customer, with services provided by more than 200 departments and agencies as individual providers. Instead, Service NSW has combined over 30 contact centres, 900 websites and 150 retail outlets into a One-Stop-Shop.

The Customer Experience Company - SNSW

The Customer Experience Company helped create the customer service department for government. Our customer experience strategy shaped Service NSW into the experience customers wanted; one with easier access to government services, faster service and a single point of contact. The customer measures we implemented show that customers appreciate the government transformation, for example in service centres more than 20% of customers offer feedback, and the overall average of 4.8/5 is unprecedented in government services.

More than 20% of customers offer feedback, and the overall average of 4.8/5 is unprecedented in government services.

The public sector is often constrained by the notions like “it would take too long”; people believe that projects of the size and complexity of Service NSW cannot happen because the scale would necessitate massive time-frames. Historically this has proven true, and though other governments have consolidated call centres and tried consolidating stores, to do all 3 channels at once, from concept to launch, was unbelievable, and the outside-in design of the customer-centric transformation created massive bottom-line benefits for Service SNSW.

SNSW Case Study

Though other governments have consolidated call centres and tried consolidating stores, to do all three channels at once, from concept to launch, was unbelievable.

We shared ownership and learning as we took the co-design journey with SNSW teams to create the desired pragmatic customer experience. The staff knew exactly what experience was intended and how they would be successful in delivering it. We wanted to deliver consistency; better back office; shared services; and a single point of contact. Simplifying the customer’s life simplified processes, which led to consolidation of services and technology and created considerable tangible benefits. The strength of this result was founded in marrying the best of the current experiences with a pragmatic future experience. Most importantly, it endured while we built and implemented because we fought for the integrity of this design as being intrinsic to the Government's strategy.

A customer can now walk into a local Service NSW branch and register a birth, log a request for a new driving license and renew their national park pass, without having to speak to three different sets of people. The impact of customer experience design is evident across all channels of Service NSW; from the look and feel of the Service Centres; from the way you are greeted when you ring the 24/7 contact telephone number; and from the new website which is organized to enable you to find exactly what you need. We co-designed a customer experience vision which delegated the power to individuals on the frontline to use their full capability to make the vision real.

Service NSW have set a new, world leading benchmark in customer service for other Governments to aspire to.

We helped the state government do what has not been done by any other government in the world before. We demonstrated that large scale customer-centric transformation in government is possible with effective change management, and the NSW Government’s investment of public funds demonstrated their commitment to delivering for their customers. It is possible to have really high standards for service, which can be met by great design and brave execution. With a multi-channel service strategy, we have established asking for, and using, customer feedback to sustain customer focus, and helped provide a high quality, efficient, phone-based service that recognises that a customer’s time is valuable. We have set a new, world-leading benchmark in customer service for government, and the storm in state governments has resulted in other states already looking to emulate Service NSW’s success.