Executing a digital strategy to increase conversions.

Challenge: improve conversion without touching the underlying technology

IAG’s customer mobile and tablet usage was steadily increasing, and although IAG had a mobile optimised quote, it was not performing as well as the desktop version, and there was no optimised version for tablets or larger touch devices.

Although we were restricted by an old technical platform, we believed there was an opportunity to increase conversion simply by improving some basic usability features.

Identifying areas for improvement within the constraints

CEC led the design and customer testing of the home and motor online quotes. We:

  • Tested in-progress design with customers 3-4 times throughout the design process
  • Designed mobile & tablet responsive, only minor changes to desktop
  • Improved touch targets and made more touch friendly, contextual keyboards, bigger fonts
  • Improved car lookup/identification
  • Made emails responsive (50% of emails opened on a mobile device).

There were significant technical restrictions with what we could do – we only made 10% of the changes we wanted to make based upon user testing findings, and the changes were primarily cosmetic/interface usability.

Within a few months of launch we achieved:

Mobile conversion rate up 43%

Tablet conversion rate up 12%