Different thinking. Different outcomes.

The Customer Experience Company (CEC) is an independent consulting firm, specialising in customer experience. We apply design thinking to business problems to get different, more innovative outcomes that create better customer experiences. We design and deliver new products, services and ecosystems for large organisations and government.

The company was founded in Australia in 2003 and has grown to over 50 people with an unparalleled, rich and diverse range of expertise. We're an organisation with 14 years of experience and unmatched results, making us the leading customer experience firm in Asia Pacific.

Why we are different

People + Design + Technology

We seamlessly integrate people, design and technology to create innovative solutions to business problems.

Our flexible, multi-disciplinary approach applies design thinking to product and service design, people & culture change, and development of supporting technology and systems. It’s the blend of these together that empowers organisations to discover, innovate and deliver solutions to get better results for customers and for business.

How we work with you

We are a high performing, cohesive team with strong leadership. We collaborate with organisations and often construct combined teams with our clients to help build internal capability, and ensure they retain customer empathy and knowledge within the organisation. We are open, transparent and outcome focussed. We believe in less paper, less talk and more action. And everything we do is customer focussed, whether your customers are consumers, businesses, partners, or staff, we create business growth through better experiences.

Our team

We invest in talent – our reputation and our people are at the core of our business. We thrive on diversity and our team encompasses a rich mix of backgrounds, experiences and skills. We select truly special individuals who are not only smart, talented, passionate, adaptable, collaborative, confident, genuine, empathetic and insightful, they also are innovative and independent thinkers that have the extra element of ‘awesomeness'.


The Customer Experience Company is privately owned – the people who run the business own the business. Importantly, our independence underpins key characteristics of our organisation:


Being independent allows us to be dynamic, responsive and agile, enabling us to adapt quickly to changing business environments and to overcome challenges quickly. Being independent also allows us to be pragmatic and objective. We’re able to provide advice that is best-suited to our clients and their brands. We have no parent company to slow us down and hold us back.

CX is everything we do

We are not a small department or a single service line in a larger entity, we are all about customer experience. It’s all we do, everyday, and we know it inside out. We are the experts in our field now, and will continue to be in the future.

A different kind of talent

Independent organisations attract a different kind of talent. We are made up of individuals who value empowerment and entrepreneurship and aspire to work in a dynamic, open environment where they can make significant contributions as an individual. Every member of our team embraces accountability, thrives on challenges and is driven by a genuine desire to make a positive difference. We believe it’s these motivated, intelligent and committed people who produce more transformative ideas and drive radical change.

Our team

Our people come from very diverse backgrounds, such as Management Consulting, Psychology, Industrial Design, Media Design, Interior Design, Chemistry, Engineering and Architecture.
We think we’re a pretty good bunch of people, a bit like a family really. We’re committed to great outcomes for our clients, but we also know how to have fun - just check out our Instagram.

Our leadership

Raj Mendes

Managing Director

Freya Elliott


Laurence Crew


Jens Henrichsen

Associate Director

Our team