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We are an independent consulting firm, specialising in customer experience. We apply design thinking to business problems to get different, more innovative outcomes that create better customer experiences. We design and deliver new products, services and ecosystems for large organisations and government.

The end of the road for customer journey mapping

The end of the road for customer journey mapping

By Colin Smith

I’ve just finished reading Altimeter’s excellent ‘2016 State of Digital Transformation’ report (1), and one stat jumped out at me: ‘Only 25% of companies undertaking digital transformations have mapped their customer journeys’. *Sharp intake of breath from the UX and CX purists*, but this sounds like progress to me. According to John Seely Brown, ‘the … Read More

Tick tock – Part two

Tick tock – Part two


“A watched pot never boils” Is your wait time certain? Humans are great at imagining and complaining about things. We recall in vague terms the amount of time we’ve been waiting, (research suggests on average we overestimate waits by 23%). If you do not set expectations or provide clarity about the wait time your customers … Read More

Building a customer-centric culture

Building a customer-centric culture

By Clemens Scharf

July 5th and 19th, 2016 For the latest in our Breakfast Series, Building a Customer-Centric Culture, we invited Dr. Linden Brown, author of the book “The Customer Culture Imperative”, and Dr. David Cooke, Managing Director of Konica Minolta Australia, to share their perspectives on the importance of customer centricity in today’s organisations. What does it … Read More

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We use Design Thinking to solve business problems. Everything we do is founded in customer needs and behaviours, whether it be strategy, design or culture change. We are open, transparent and outcome focused. We believe in less paper, less talk and more action.

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What it's like to work at The Customer Experience Company

Working at CEC brings exciting challenges every day. Just this year we have helped to define the future of digital government, flipped toll roads on their head and re-imagined the camping experience in National Parks.

We are constantly evolving better ways of solving ever more important problems. Right now we are focused on using analytics to maximise the effectiveness of our empathetic design methods and to help our clients to make better decisions for their customers and their organisations.

At CEC, everyone is empowered to stretch themselves, influence how we work and create a meaningful impact for our clients. Working with such a diverse team brings the benefit of different perspectives, but we all unite around the customer. That's what makes CEC special.

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